Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whoa, free bottomless mimosas and micheladas at Lou's for brunch

This is a pretty sweet deal at Lou's City Bar at 14th and Irving: free bottomless mimosas or micheladas (a Mexican drink, like a Bloody Mary but with beer) if you buy a brunch item. It starts this Saturday and goes until 6/25, from 11am-2pm.

Below is their brunch menu.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Short Eats, new Sri Lankan breakfast pop-up at Ten Tigers, is awesome

Today I checked out Short Eats, the new pop-up inside Ten Tigers Parlour, which offers Sri Lankan roti, a flaky stuffed pastry sort of like empanadas and Compass Coffee. And they are pretty delicious.

The roti are designed to be eaten on the go, which is traditional in Sri Lanka: they come in a little paper sleeve so you can take them with you. They're open 7am-10am Monday-Friday and offer pork sausage, ground turkey, and veggie, all with potatoes, poached eggs and spices, plus optional pol sambol, a spicy condiment. I got the sausage, it was nice: a crispy, brown pastry with a bit of kick and all the ingredients. I almost got a second but decided not to.

I spoke with owner Yohan Ferdinando, who organized it along with Jonathan Beyoghlow, who said that the sausage is their nod to American breakfasts while the veggie is the most traditional. Ferdinando was born in Sri Lanka but moved to the US as a kid. DCist writes that he's using his family's traditional recipes.

Along with the rotis, they have Compass coffee, cold brew Ceylon ginger tea, mango juice and water. The rotis are $5.50 or $7 with a drink. They have wifi too.

They're also selling them at the Petworth Farmers Market, Saturdays from 9am-1pm.

Ferdinando said they'd see how business goes until the end of June, and might also keep serving at Ten Tigers.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Meeting on Thursday about redevelopment of old Hebrew Home building at 1125 Spring Rd

The old Hebrew Home building at 1125 Spring Road NW has been empty for some time and the city is planning to redevelop it as housing. If you want to learn more or let your voice be heard, there's a community meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm at Raymond Rec Center.

I've written about it a fair amount before, some people want the development to have more affordable housing, while some want less or none at all. It's been fairly acrimonious, there are groups advocating for or against affordable housing, with each claiming the others aren't actually from the neighborhood.

The last I heard, the plan was for the building to have 200 units: about 80 in the Hebrew Home building at 120 more in a new building on the site, where the Robeson School is currently (that weird modern building.) Each building will be 30% affordable units, according to these plans.

The building itself was built in 1925 and sold to the city in the 1960s, and it's been vacant since about 2008. Here's the city's page about the project.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dinosaur-themed toga party tonight at Ten Tigers Parlour

Well that's something you don't see every day: there's a dinosaur-themed toga party tonight at Ten Tigers Parlour from 10pm-3am. Called Animal House Rules, there will be DJs (Godbrother, Raptorstein and the amusingly named The Barber Streisand) spinning and there's no cover. Togas are optional, but who goes to a toga party without a toga?

I love this neighborhood.

(Ten Tigers, part-owned by the Hilton Brothers from Thievery Corporation, hosts a lot of DJ nights and house music dance parties, check them out.)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

DC rapper Wale has a song called "Colombia Heights (Te Llamo)" (sic) on his new record

I've written about D.C. rapper Wale a few times before, he's done a few videos in and around our area -- including one with a virtual Lady Gaga at Cardozo High School.

His latest record Shine has a track called "Colombia Heights (Te Llamo)" (sic, that is Colombia and not Columbia. The song features J. Balvin, who is from Colombia the country, so it's a play on words.

Here are the lyrics -- it doesn't talk directly about our area, but still but kind of cool to see the neighborhood in music.

My favorite Wale record was his first mixtape, 100 Miles and Runnin', which featured Mark Ronson and had remixes of Justice, Lily Allen and others. He also did one about Seinfeld, The Mixtape about Nothing. Apparently him and Jerry Seinfeld are buds.

Then again, there's also a song called "F*CK WALE" by a local rapper called DC Jay that prominently features the buildings on Columbia Road between 14th and 13th. So, maybe not everybody likes him.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Help Powell Elementary this Saturday at their Spring Carnival: dunk tank, fun for kids, raffles & more; Annie's Ace donating too

This Saturday, Powell Elementary at 1350 Upshur is holding their Spring Community Carnival, a fundraiser and fun event for kids and adults. It's at the Roosevelt High School field across from Annie's Ace Hardware from 10am-3pm.

And along with that event, Annie's is holding a fundraiser for the event -- they'll round up any purchase you make on Saturday:
Annie’s Ace Hardware in Petworth supports a number of schools in the area but we have a special partnership with Powell Elementary which is right down the block from us.  Our employees happily volunteer to be judges at their spelling bees, participate in Dr. Seuss reading days, and host tours of our store.
 This Saturday, May 20, the Powell Carnival will be held at Roosevelt High School’s athletic field.  As part of this event, Annie’s Ace Hardware will do a “round-up” fundraiser.  What this means is that all customers will be asked if they would like to round-up their purchase to support the Powell Padres, the parent organization for Powell Elementary.  If your total comes to $13.49, you will have the opportunity to “round-up” to $14.00 and 51 cents will be donated to Powell. We appreciate your support of this event!

Here's more about the carnival itself:
On May 20th, Powell Elementary School we will be holding their 3rd annual Spring Community Carnival at Roosevelt High School football field. This event is open to the public and all proceeds go towards funding field trips, classroom technology, classroom supplies and other school-support activities. 
Fun Activities to Expect:
  • Dunk Tank
  • Climbing Wall 
  • Moon Bounces for younger and older kids
  • Carnival Games and prizes for kids
  • Powell Teachers vs Parents soccer Classic
  • Sno-Cones, Popcorn, Hotdogs and other treats
  • Live performances!
  • Raffle for cash and an iPad!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Jenkins Capital BBQ opening in Ruby Tuesday space in a few weeks with sidewalk cafe; is mysterious

Well, I've written a few times about Jenkins Capital BBQ, which is coming to the former Ruby Tuesday space at 14th and Monroe. A reader just sent in a few pictures on the interior, and it looks to me like it's ready to go, there also appears to be a worker inside. I spoke to their lawyer, who said they are just finishing up some construction and should be open in a few weeks.

They applied for a liquor license a while ago including a 48 seat sidewalk cafe and 235 seats overall. I can't tell if they were granted it or not, and there was a protest by some ANC commissioners, acting as residents rather than as officials. I'm trying to find more about that.

However, it's a pretty mysterious spot, in my opinion. They don't have a website, Facebook or anything else I can find, and there's very little other info out there. The website on their opening soon banner,, doesn't work.

PoP wrote that he was told they're related to a Jenkins Quality BBQ in Jacksonville, but when I called that restaurant they said they weren't related at all, they only have three Florida locations. The lawyer for Jenkins Capital BBQ said said the same thing, they're not related at all.

If you're with Jenkins, please email me! I'd love to know more about your restaurant. I like BBQ.